Journey to create a personal logo

Designing a personal logo for myself is like doing some soul searching. You have to know who you are and where you’re going in life in order to get an idea of the type of logo you want to create.  When I first sat down and started doodling concepts , I was just drawing random ideas that came into my head. After a while the ideas slowed down and so I turned to the internet for inspiration .  There were some cool logos but nothing sparked my heart or creative gears….until I came across a fun and colorful logo.

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My eyes widen with delight and my heart fluttered with excitement. This logo that I was looking at was how I wanted my logo to be, colorful and fun, but of course I have to make it my own. So I go and draw more concepts and I think I’m on to something. Wrong!? Apparently this new concept was too amateur like. *Bottom of the picture*


However there was another concept , that I did , that my teacher liked. This concept was of my initials intertwining with each other. *far left on the page* So it’s back to the drawing board with me , except this time on the computer screen. By this time I was feeling very uninspired and rushed for time , so the concepts that came out were very lackluster.  I had a chance to look at the other student’s logos and they were far better than whatever I came up with.  *One marked with pink is the one other students like. The one marked with blue is the idea I used for my final logo*

Artboard 1-100

A spark returned to my heart and soon enough I was back on the internet searching for ideas, something , anything to give me a hint as to how to transform the initials of my name into something unique and creative.  Boom! I found it , the answer I was looking for . It was a logo with two dolphins in the form of an S. Yes this is what I needed to see and soon I was back in my sketchbook drawing concepts , thinking back on the old concept my teacher liked with the letters intertwining .



After a while I came up with two crescent moons interlocking with one another.  I took this concept into illustrator and created a logo.  It didn’t turn out as nicely as I wanted it to be , so I quickly created 2 other logos.  The last logo I created , I believe  and hope , is along the lines of what my teacher was looking for.  Looking at myself as a graphic designer , how I am now and where I want to be in the future . My logo is a representation of my journey as graphic designer.  So it took a lot of trial and error , ups and downs , and a bit of soul searching to come up with my final logo concept. Now I’ll get feedback from my teacher and keep on tweaking my logo until it’s perfect.

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Hello and thanks for reading the first post on this blog. I will start off by talking about a non-profit organization that I’ll be working with when it’s time for me to take Senior project. Teenshop is a Philadelphia non-profit organization that helps young girls become productive citizens in their careers and in their community.  They have be around for 30yrs so far and grown to have 5 different chapters in 3 states. If you would like to know more , then click the link below.


Currently I’m in Senior design studio which is a class that helps students to pick out the non-profits they want to work with. Once that was done, I had to create a moodboard about the non-profit . It was really fun creating a moodboard because it’s a fun way to process information and get inspired . Here’s the moodboard I created for Teenshop.

Artboard 1-100

In my next post I’ll be talking about: The journey to find my personal logo.

I hope you’ll join me again on my journey.