Creating Print Ads

So my teacher gave the class a challenge to create 3 print ads about something we carry around with us every day . We had to create one positive , negative, and  metaphorical ad.  First I started the brainstorming process with a moodboard.

Smartphone ad moodboard

The item I chose was a smartphone. For the positive ad I wanted to use light effects , maybe have icons popping out of the screen , and have text on ribbons. The negative ad I wanted to do a “Don’t text and drive” ad using emojis . Lastly for the metaphorical ad I was thinking of saying something like “your new player 2” or something like that . Down below are my 3 original print ads before I got feedback from my teacher .

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At the last minute, before I went up for feedback , I realized that I put Google Assistant instead of Siri  XD. I quickly changed it before I went up . Feedback went well , the teacher didn’t understand my “Don’t text and Drive ” ad but she said I had the best Metaphorical ad.  So here are my print ads after feedback. I’m currently still working on the negative ad.

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Please tell me your thoughts on my new print ads. Do you like them? Do you hate them? What can I do better? Comment below your answers and opinions.