New quarter, New Fears, New Opportunities

So I just finished up the first week of the new school quarter. Instead of taking my usual 4 classes , I’ll be taking 3 including an Internship. Monday is my senior project class where we work with non-profit companies and get real world experience working with clients , the theme of this quarter is : Working with real clients. I chose a non-profit called Teenshop , who I called and emailed on Monday. They called me back today which is good yet kind of nerve-wrecking .

I’ve only worked with a client , on my own , once before many years ago. Since then I’ve worked with 2 non-profits but those times I was in a group of three , so I could lean on my teammates when I got confused or needed help. Now I guess the training wheels are off and it’s time to see how far I can go . So before Teenshop called me today I started working on some ideas for a new logo. I brainstormed some ideas first before jumping on the computer. Since this non-profit helps young girls to be successful in their lives. I wanted the theme of the logo to be about change and growth because during their time at Teenshop the girls will learn and mature into smart , independent , and motivated young woman . Please feel free to tell me which one is your favorite and if you have any suggestions for me .

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Thursdays I go to my internship at a company called GoBelieve. Here I’m currently working on two flyers for two different events . I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post my progress on them or not . I should ask but I’m kind of nervous about doing so ….I’m a very strange person XD.

Lastly Fridays I have my Advanced Music Production class , it’s a collaborative project between majors where we will be working with a country singer . I’m the ONLY graphic designer in the group and that’s a bit nerve-wrecking as well because instead of me leaning on people , people will be looking towards me for all the answers relating to graphic design. Again I’m on my own here too but I’m going to do the best that I can .

So I believe that’s all for this post , thanks for reading it 🙂 . Remember to post comments with any suggestions or questions you have and share this post with your friends.